Lenovo Thinkpad X1 on Linux

Today I got my Thinkpad X1 and immediately installed Ubuntu 11.04. So far it feels like a really nice laptop. The keyboard is perfect, it’s light and having a trackpoint is a nice bonus. On the downside the fan is a bit loud and the screen very glossy. The Ctrl key is in the wrong place (Fn is at the very left), but this can be changed in BIOS.

It’s always interesting to see what works and what does not, so heres a list of things that works right away and things that needs some work:

Things that works right away
  • Wifi
  • Audio
  • Backlight adjustment
  • Keyboard backlight
  • Trackpad and Trackpoint
  • Suspend
  • Webcam
  • Memory card reader
  • Two finger scrolling and side scrolling on trackpad
  • External Monitors (but only one external and the internal)

Stuff that needs some work

Linux support is over all very good and most things works right away.

Ludvig Widman
May 31, 05:52 PM


  1. Thanks .. good to know. I’m looking in to buying one. Too bad Windows isn’t a de-selectable option with Lenovo ;-)

    — martijn · Jun 13, 08:39 PM · #

  2. Nice.
    How many hours of battery?

    — nanda · Jun 16, 02:42 PM · #

  3. nanda: I’m getting around 4 hours, but it charges really fast so usually it’s fine.

    Ludvig · Jun 29, 06:55 PM · #

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