Category: management

Just one more meeting

Some reflections on why it can feel like there’s no time to do actual work and the marginal cost on productivity of adding just one more meeting.

Ideas to learn and grow as a leader

We all know we can read a book or attend a course to learn more about leadership. Here are some different ideas to try, maybe they can help you become a better leader?

The best feedback I have ever received

How I got excellent feedback from my whole team with a simple feedback activity.

Continuous improvement with team retrospectives

Retrospectives can help create a culture of continuous improvement in any team. Here’s how I do team retrospectives in a way that works well for both co-located and remote teams.

The basics of a good 1:1

The basics of good 1:1s: make sure they happen regularly, come prepared, share notes, avoid distractions, and don’t talk too much.

The importance of 1:1 meetings

Regular 1:1s are important for several reasons. They improve productivity, increase engagement, and even make employees view leadership more favorably.