Ludvig Wadenstein
Ludvig Wadenstein
Engineering Manager
Mar 27, 2021 2 min read

I have started writing

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I’m Ludvig and I’m a people manager currently working at Codemill. I have led both cross-functional teams and whole departments, but so far I haven’t written much about it.

A few weeks ago I read an excellent Twitter thread by Sean McCabe about 67 benefits of writing, and decided that I should start writing.

Since I’ve worked with people management in tech for the last four years that’s what I’ll write about. Things that would have helped me when starting out, things that inspire me, and things I need to learn more about.

I’m by no means an expert but I think we all have different perspectives that can be worth sharing. I approach this as part sharing, part learning. Writing things down for others to read will force me to think things through and do some more research, hopefully, a great way for me to learn as well. I’ll try to back up my writing with either my own experiences or external sources when I can.

The target audience for my writing will be anyone interested in management. Doesn’t matter if you have never managed anyone before or if you have worked with this longer than me, we can all learn something new.

Hope you find any of it useful, and thanks for reading!

Ludvig Wadenstein

I'm Ludvig

As a leader, I favor transparency and collaboration, often involving my teammates in figuring out the best way forward. It’s important for me to build trust and to work long term. I want to build bridges and increase collaboration between teams.

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